Acceptable Use of the Comment Boxes in Extreme Catholic
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Acceptable Use of the Comment Boxes

  1. These are guidelines for you, and not me. As the blog owner I can exercise immediate and absolute power to remove matter for any reason or for no reason.
  2. This blog, and in fact any blog, is not a First Amendment forum insofar as I am not a "Congress".
  3. Obscenity is prohibited.
  4. Slander, libel, and calumny are prohibited.
  5. Simony, nicolatism, and necromacy are prohibted.
  6. Insult to another blogger is prohibited.
  7. The continuation of vendettas from another blog and harassment are prohibited.
  8. Certain opinions will not be tolerated: that the Jewish holocaust, the systematic extermination of the Jews of Europe did not occur; that the Pope is the anti-Christ; etc.
  9. The provision of these restrictions does not create any liability or obligation on my part beyond what is provided for by law.

Where the author of the offending material provides a valid email address, I will give a warning that any futher forbidden content will result in a ban.

Where the author is anonymous, an immediate ban may be applied at my discretion.

If you can't participate in the blog according to these restrictions, then please enter your opinions elsewhere.

The intent of the restrictions is to provide a non-threatening respectful enviroment for the issues discussed in the blog.