The Lepanto Group

This is a list of blogs which meet the following criteria (in my opinion as editor of this list):


My motive in preparing the Lepanto Group list is to be a blog-based resource to create a solidarity among bloggers who hold to the above principles, or for readers to sample some of the opinions and news stories these blog writers link to. Pope St. Pius V

The name Lepanto itself comes from a victory of Christian Europe over the Ottoman Empire on 10/07/1571. An international coalition formed by Pope St. Pius V preemptively attacked the Ottoman fleet in Lepanto. It was both a psychological and strategic victory. It had the practical effect of freeing thousands of Christian galley slaves. This day was proclaimed in honor of Our Lady of Victory, and then designated Our Lady of the Rosary. (Military Discussion)

A poem written by G.K. Chesterton, Lepanto, is worth reading.

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The Honorary Chaplain of the Lepanto Group is Fr. Joseph Wilson of the parish of St. Luke in Whitestone, Queens, New York.

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Note: I don't necessarily agree with all the contents of every blog listed above.

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