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Southern Appeal The random musing of a Southern Catholic Federalist and his co-conspirators
Liberty Dad - a World Without Dictators Lots of comments left on other sites. Some Harry Potter and Karaoke.
Papa Familias I'm a daddy now - walk with me.
doxology An exploration of the simple riches of life, love and spirit by a 30 something nearly-Catholic, all-Canadian wife and daughter.
Dappled Things All things counter, original, spare, strange: an unofficial project of individual whimsy.
Credibility Pop culture and Pope culture as seen by an Aussie Catholic teacher.
The Curt Jester Punditry, Parody, Puns, Politics, Liturgy from a Catholic Perspective.
Shattered Dreams Sadness, happiness, hyperness, complaints, thank-yous, and all that. Everything that comes with your daily weblog by yours truly.
The Julian Calendar Some Catholic material, mostly from a Traditional perspective. Many other topics as well.
O Tempora, O Mores! My blog written from an Ex-Mormon, Roman Catholic revert, Christian, unapologetically Democratic, but Pro-Life perspective.
Catholic Analysis I offer serious essays and book reviews on Catholic issues. I am already listed in Gerald Serafin's St. Blog's Parish Directory. I'm not too sure how a web ring works so any details you can give me would help.
It's the promise of life A source for Catholic/pro-life news and information compiled by a pro-life activist and writer based in Washington.
Rex Olandi Rex Cledendi A record of random relevant reflections by Paul Rex; routinely those that relate to the real renewal of the Catholic Church. From the axiom: "Lex Orandi Lex Credendi", or "The Rule of Prayer is the Rule of Belief"
Jumping Without A Chute A blog written by a soon to be dad. Discussions range from politics, religion, and world events to the more personal issues of faith and living a good life.
Wired Catholic Links to Catholic news, commentary, and occasional inside scoops. Constantly updated.
Crusader of Justice This blog is intended to capture my thoughts on various issues. I think a lot but rarely write anything down, so this is something of an attempt to capture some of it and share it with people.
I'm Stuck in Kansas A Benedictine College undergrad takes up space on the web by talking about computers, Catholicism, the terrible cafeteria food on campus, and anything else that comes to his little college student mind.
Waiting in Joyful Hope A collection of thoughts, essays, and articles about Catholicism, society, and life.
me autem minui This is a blog that was already on the ring but has changed locations. The old URL was http://packet.node.to/blog/
Peregrinus per Fides Peregrinus is the irregularily updated blog of a twenty-something Catholic at a major public university. Topics range from the mundane and everyday, to reflections on Scripture, Church teachings, and analyses of current events.
From the Anchor Hold Living simple, single, and submitted, in the real city Milwaukee, in a real world. Sharing the troubles, ideas, and insights that come, praying for the City and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, from the anchor hold at Fr. Groppi's bridge.
Fructus Ventris random musings of a catholic wife, mother, midwife, musician (not necessarily in that order!)
Catholic Apologetics of America This site is dedicated to bringing the lost sheep into the one sheepfold, the Catholic Church, which is the \"pillar and foundation of truth\" (1 Timothy 3:15). This site is meant to challenge common misconceptions about the Church. As Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said: \"There are not over a hundred people in the United States who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions, however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church-which is, of course, quite a different thing.\"
You Duped Me Lord Adventures of a thirtysomething Jesuit
The Wednesday Eudemon Eudemon: Primary post on Wednesday. Numerous posts throughout the rest of the week.
Cnytr A UDallas 19-year-old Catholic college student randomly muses on life, faith, and ROTC.
Catholic Fire Catholic pro-life news and views; poetry, prayers, biographies of the saints
Once upon a midnight dreary... The Journal of an American, Catholic Republican written by Jeffrey Burden
Against the Grain Occasional notes of a (mostly) philosophical or theological nature by the web-manager for the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club [www.ratzingerfanclub.com]{;}
The Den Mother Speaks A source of insight on all topics worth thinking about, the Den Mother tenders her opinion, analysis, and/or personal reflection on the subject of her choice. "You can fool some of the people all the time and you can fool all the people some of the time but you can't fool Mom."
Living Catholicism Personal thoughts and practical advice on living out your Catholic faith in a busy world.
Destination: Order The pilgrimage of your typical post-homeschooling Catholic college student.
Life at the Frontier Thoughts on Faith, Life, Liberty and the Final Frontier, and how they all tie together beyond the conventional \'wisdom\'.
Stuff and Bother The musing, ramblings, and stories of a Catholic eighteen-year-old.
Exultet Roz and Therese Z. are two enthused, faithful Catholic women who discuss questions of faith and life and have fun into the bargain.
e-skojec.com Conservatism, Catholicism and Culture. Add Wit. Shake Well. Serve.
St. Blog's Parish Hall St Blog's Parish Hall offers Catholic hospitality through authentic Catholic discussion which strives to be both faithful to the teachings of the Church and charitable to all people. The backbone of the Parish Hall is the Catholic bloggers who have years of experience in Catholic writing and apologetics. Everyone, including cradle Catholics, converts and non-Catholics, is welcome to visit the Parish Hall. A variety of topics, including answers to Catholic questions, will be discussed.
Church of the Masses Reflections and updates on the entertainment industry from a Catholic perspective
the fonolog German Weblog about Policy, Faith, Internet and the whole other things.
The Pelianito Jouranl God speaks to us on every page of Scripture. The Pelianito Journal is a collection of Scriptural reflections from the prayer journal of a Roman Catholic Christian, loyal to the teachings of the church and to Scripture, struggling to discern and follow the will of God in her life.
Catholic Down-Under Adding my 2 cents worth to the new media paradigm with perhaps just a hint of humour - on a good day :)
Guard Me With Your Glory Blog from Ireland.
Come On, Get Lively Kathryn Lively, mystery writer, keeper of the Ring. Read her blog, buy her books.
Catholic Fire Catholic pro-life news and views; poetry, prayers, biographies of the saints
Our Word and Welcome to It Perspectives on culture, politics, religion and the arts (among other things) from a couple of opinionated Catholics. Commentary on issues of the day, and links to Catholic (and non-Catholic) blogs and sites of interest.
Mixolydian Mode An old tune every day, and whatever is on my mind or catches my attention.
The Journey A journal of reflections on Sacred Scripture from the daily Liturgy of the Word. These reflections are not copies or paste-ups from other sources, but are original compositions by team members inspired by the Holy Spirit.