The political blogs of St. Blog's Parish as of Tue Jul 5 06:02:18 2005
Blog Name & Link Comment Days Since Update Religion Politics
Southern Appeal The random musing of a Southern Catholic Federalist and his co-conspirators 0 0 90
Small But Disorganized A blog about politics, religion, open source software development, history, economics and other geekiness. 4 0 26
The Black Republican Though mainly a politically-themed blog trying to concentrate on issues of race and prejudice, and subtitled, "A defense of the principles upon which the Republican Party was founded," The Black Republican was founded by an earnest Catholic who often repudiates the original anti-Catholic bias that was prominent during the early years of the Republican Party. As a result, blog entries sometimes describe the nature of the Catholic faith and how it affects and is affected by the other issues discussed. 5 0 24
Catholics for Senator Sam Brownback Catholics for Brownback is a Blog for Catholics and other Christians who support Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas. A recent convert, the senator\'s views on issues such as life, marriage, and family are in accord with the Catholic Chrurch. 4 0 19
Liberty Dad - a World Without Dictators Lots of comments left on other sites. Some Harry Potter and Karaoke. 0 0 16
Catholics in the Public Square Ongoing commentary on Catholic figures in public service on both sides of the political spectrum (left and right), calling them to be accountable to the "non-negotiable" moral teachings of their faith. From the editors of the blog "CatholicKerryWatch". 1 0 16
E-Pression This blog is maintained by a sometimes e-pressed female Catholic convert who likes to blog about married life, technology, conservatism and humor. 3 0 15
Against the Grain Occasional notes of a (mostly) philosophical or theological nature by the web-manager for the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club []{;} 0 1 13
The Blog from the Core The Weblog at The View from the Core: Needless Commentary from Small-Town America 3 0 13
Musings of a Pertinacious Papist Musings and cultural commentary of a Catholic professor of philosophy and religion 3 2 12
Ad Altare Dei A blog about theology, philosophy, history, bioethics, liturgy, and other interesting thoughts from a young adult Catholic in sunny California. 1 3 11
O Tempora, O Mores! My blog written from an Ex-Mormon, Roman Catholic revert, Christian, unapologetically Democratic, but Pro-Life perspective. 0 0 9
It's the promise of life A source for Catholic/pro-life news and information compiled by a pro-life activist and writer based in Washington. 0 2 9
Once upon a midnight dreary... The Journal of an American, Catholic Republican written by Jeffrey Burden 0 1 8
The Curt Jester Punditry, Parody, Puns, Politics, Liturgy from a Catholic Perspective. 0 2 7
Papa Familias I'm a daddy now - walk with me. 0 2 6
Wired Catholic Links to Catholic news, commentary, and occasional inside scoops. Constantly updated. 0 6 6
Catholic Fire Catholic pro-life news and views; poetry, prayers, biographies of the saints 0 0 5
Victory welfarE Catholic Christian news geek posting stories on life liberty and the pursuit of Catholic hip-hop – and more… 9 0 5
Catholic Fire Catholic pro-life news and views; poetry, prayers, biographies of the saints 0 0 5
The Sanity Ranch--Musings of a Philosopher Queen A place for my rantings and musings on the world in general, with a definite Catholic view of things. It's also a political blog, with a right-wing, pro-life viewpoint. 7 2 4
The Den Mother Speaks A source of insight on all topics worth thinking about, the Den Mother tenders her opinion, analysis, and/or personal reflection on the subject of her choice. "You can fool some of the people all the time and you can fool all the people some of the time but you can't fool Mom." 0 0 4
IrishLaw Politics, culture, Catholicism, and law, from a Domer at Ohio State 3 0 4
Our Word and Welcome to It Perspectives on culture, politics, religion and the arts (among other things) from a couple of opinionated Catholics. Commentary on issues of the day, and links to Catholic (and non-Catholic) blogs and sites of interest. 0 0 4
changobeer A Catholic priest looks at life and speaks his mind. You've been warned. 7 0 4
Matthew 12:37 Matthew 12:37 was created to give people as much information and insight as possible about the Catholic faith, the Pro-Life movement, and philosophy through the eyes of a seminarian preparing for the Roman Catholic Priesthood. 3 1 3
Fructus Ventris random musings of a catholic wife, mother, midwife, musician (not necessarily in that order!) 0 1 3
Veritas Veritas is a blog which offers my thoughts on issues concerning the Catholic Church and its theology, as well as Christian theology in general. Philosophy, politics, and issues and topics of the day are also discussed on occasion. 6 1 3
Life at the Frontier Thoughts on Faith, Life, Liberty and the Final Frontier, and how they all tie together beyond the conventional \'wisdom\'. 0 0 3
The Seventh Age A fresh look at faith, politics, law, and current events from a Catholic perspective. Insights and analysis updated daily. 1 1 3
Catholic Packer Fan Opinions on everyday events, morals, ethics, Catholicism, sports (especially the Green Bay Packers or Notre Dame), and anything else that crosses my daily path. Respect life in all its forms (living, unborn, elderly/sick), pray daily, support family life, and work hard.---John Burzynski 1 0 3
Res et Rationes Rants from a right wing Catholic college student. 1 0 3
Thoughts of a Regular Guy One ordinary family- & working-man\'s voice on politics, faith, and culture. 1 0 2
Jumping Without A Chute A blog written by a soon to be dad. Discussions range from politics, religion, and world events to the more personal issues of faith and living a good life. 0 2 2
Cnytr A UDallas 19-year-old Catholic college student randomly muses on life, faith, and ROTC. 0 2 2
extremeCatholic Patrick Sweeney's weblog of the Catholic faith and media, politics, technology and the other stuff he's interested in. 2 3 2
Higher Plane "The Higher the Plane, the Closer to God." 2 0 2
HerbEly Commentary based on my 32 years in civil service and lifetime of service to the church. blog also links to the poetry of my mother, Marie Ely (1914-1946). 1 0 1
Catholic Analysis I offer serious essays and book reviews on Catholic issues. I am already listed in Gerald Serafin's St. Blog's Parish Directory. I'm not too sure how a web ring works so any details you can give me would help. 0 3 1
Ales Rarus Enter the demented mind of Funky Dung and find wacky news stories, political commentary, and apologetic Catholicism. 4 0 1
Dust in the Light A conservative Roman Catholic writer, musician, artist, intellectual type in Rhode Island. 1 0 1
Keli's Blog Blog about one Catholic woman's view of life, culture, church, politics and the world 7 1 1
haLf-baKed 'tAteRs a spiritual journal of sorts & thoughts about the world.. 3 1 1
Catholic Down-Under Adding my 2 cents worth to the new media paradigm with perhaps just a hint of humour - on a good day :) 0 0 1
A Song of November "a mish mosh of stuff I really ought to be writing in my journal instead of here." 1 0 1
Mixolydian Mode An old tune every day, and whatever is on my mind or catches my attention. 0 0 1
Mere Catholics Musings from real live Catholics in the backwoods of Canada. Typical topics range from Cajun culture and homemaking to mediaeval fantasy and computer gaming. 7 1 0
Confessions of a Cooperator Musings of a middle-aged Catholic laywoman who has embraced the charism of Blessed James Alberione, founder of the Daughters of St. Paul and the other orders and institutes in the Pauline Family, and become a Pauline Cooperator. The Pauline mission is to use the new forms of media to tell stories of the Redeemer to this wild, wounded world that more that ever longs to find the Way, to know the Truth and to be given the Life. 1 0 0
Land of Hope and Glory A young American living in Paris... 7 1 0
A Tic In The Mind\'s Eye The comics and stories about everyday things that keep my shrink in business. And possibly yours. 1 0 0
Et Cetera My head hurts. Yours will too. 5 0 0
doxology An exploration of the simple riches of life, love and spirit by a 30 something nearly-Catholic, all-Canadian wife and daughter. 0 0 0
Sheep-ish This is the blog of a 25 year old Religious Education teacher at a Catholic high school for boys in London. Expect to read about my teaching experiences, christian life, health issues (along with my wife\'s), and favourite sports. 1 0 0
Dappled Things All things counter, original, spare, strange: an unofficial project of individual whimsy. 0 2 0
Credibility Pop culture and Pope culture as seen by an Aussie Catholic teacher. 0 2 0
Dunmoose the Protomonk Catholic and guiltless about it, a conservative Catholic comments on many things as he explores a possible late monastic vocation 2 0 0
Daily Stitches A formerly lapsed Catholic. Business consultant, wife, mother, catechist, knitter, quilter, spinner. In the parish hall, I\'m one of the ladies knitting baby hats, and quilting lap blankets, and enthusiastically participating in needlearts works of mercy. 7 0 0
the road to Emmaus one seminarian's daily walk of faith as he prepares for priesthood. 5 3 0
Catholic Sensibility thoughts on faith, life, inspiration ... the important things 1 4 0
Shattered Dreams Sadness, happiness, hyperness, complaints, thank-yous, and all that. Everything that comes with your daily weblog by yours truly. 0 0 0
The Julian Calendar Some Catholic material, mostly from a Traditional perspective. Many other topics as well. 0 0 0
Veritas Proverbs 21:2 2 0 0
Integrity An examination of John Paul II's Apostolic Exhortation Christifideles Laici ("CFL"). 6 2 0
Disputations ''For true and false will in no better way be revealed and uncovered than in resistance to a contradiction." -- St. Thomas Aquinas 3 1 0
Clairity\'s Place What\'s faith got to do with it? thoughts on literature and life 1 1 0
Rex Olandi Rex Cledendi A record of random relevant reflections by Paul Rex; routinely those that relate to the real renewal of the Catholic Church. From the axiom: "Lex Orandi Lex Credendi", or "The Rule of Prayer is the Rule of Belief" 0 2 0
Pax et bonum A German weblog dedicated to catholic, franciscan, medical and muscial issues (mostly about the broader catholic world though) 2 0 0
Flos Carmeli no description 4 1 0
Two Cats and a Girl Art, fabric, yarn, wool and spirituality all in one site. 9 0 0
Crusader of Justice This blog is intended to capture my thoughts on various issues. I think a lot but rarely write anything down, so this is something of an attempt to capture some of it and share it with people. 0 1 0
Noetica My thoughts on culture, philosophy, religion, and related topics. 7 0 0
Two Sleepy Mommies Working to be Catholics and mommies twenty-four-seven. Pansy and Peony blog about life as Catholic moms. 3 1 0
The Wonder of Being Finite Musings of a Catholic mathematician 3 1 0
I'm Stuck in Kansas A Benedictine College undergrad takes up space on the web by talking about computers, Catholicism, the terrible cafeteria food on campus, and anything else that comes to his little college student mind. 0 0 0
Waiting in Joyful Hope A collection of thoughts, essays, and articles about Catholicism, society, and life. 0 0 0
Fonticulus Fides Newly Catholic (as of Easter Vigil 2003), Sparki explores her growing faith and quest for holiness. Primitive blog, functions to be added as time permits for a busy mom of 2 small kids. 5 1 0
me autem minui This is a blog that was already on the ring but has changed locations. The old URL was 0 0 0
Catholic, Musician, Student, in that order. Adventures of a conservative Catholic music student at a relatively liberal Jesuit university. Will be here for three more years, and probably will complain a lot about the heretics and about how much I somehow volunteer to do for the Catholic student groups. 3 0 0
Peregrinus per Fides Peregrinus is the irregularily updated blog of a twenty-something Catholic at a major public university. Topics range from the mundane and everyday, to reflections on Scripture, Church teachings, and analyses of current events. 0 1 0
From the Anchor Hold Living simple, single, and submitted, in the real city Milwaukee, in a real world. Sharing the troubles, ideas, and insights that come, praying for the City and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, from the anchor hold at Fr. Groppi's bridge. 0 2 0
SOUNDBITES politics. the Catholic Church. sports. and everything in between. 8 1 0
CowPi Journal My mess of the field known as the Internet (so watch your step) 1 1 0
Fiat Primarily (though not limited to) focusing on discernment to the priesthood, Fiat is one young man's chronicle of his own priestly formation. 3 1 0
Ancient and Future Catholic Musings A blog by a Catholic 20-something who seeks to make the Faith meaningful to people today without compromising the Truth or dumbing down. 1 2 0
Observations from the Evil Juan no description 4 0 0
Basia Me, Catholica Sum Poetry, literature, Latin, reflections. Venite omnes! 1 0 0
Bethune Catholic Catholicism as a way of life, as history, as culture, as Faith. "Thou sparest all: because they are Thine O Lord, Who lovest souls" Ws 11:27 ... "For with Thee there is merciful forgiveness... my soul hath hoped in the Lord." Ps 129: 4-5 1 0 0
Catholic Apologetics of America This site is dedicated to bringing the lost sheep into the one sheepfold, the Catholic Church, which is the \"pillar and foundation of truth\" (1 Timothy 3:15). This site is meant to challenge common misconceptions about the Church. As Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said: \"There are not over a hundred people in the United States who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions, however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church-which is, of course, quite a different thing.\" 0 3 0
You Duped Me Lord Adventures of a thirtysomething Jesuit 0 0 0
The Wednesday Eudemon Eudemon: Primary post on Wednesday. Numerous posts throughout the rest of the week. 0 0 0
Summa Mamas Summa Mamas is the site of three moms, one organic, one fun, and one OLD, who all attend the same Catholic parish. It's our random thoughts on life, babies, books, the spiritual life and Catholicism. 3 1 0
View from an Alternate Dementia Scenes and reflections from the life of a thirtysomething software engineer, wife/mother, Catholic convert, stitcher, bibliophile, and various other roles. 4 0 0
Quid est Veritas? The slightly confused, utterly uninteresting ramblings of a Catholic girl living in the San Francisco Bay area. 1 0 0
Living Catholicism Personal thoughts and practical advice on living out your Catholic faith in a busy world. 0 4 0 Comments about the world around me from a Catholic woman with liberal politics... 1 0 0
Destination: Order The pilgrimage of your typical post-homeschooling Catholic college student. 0 1 0
Shadowmage's Domain A place for me to rant, rave, ramble & reveal thoughts on stuff that lives inside my head. 6 2 0
Why Fret? Catholicism, Guitars, Politics, Culture, Software, etc 7 1 0
Stuff and Bother The musing, ramblings, and stories of a Catholic eighteen-year-old. 0 1 0
Friary Notes Musings and comments by a Third Order Franciscan about faith, life and the state of the world. 4 2 0
Selkie I am a Catholic, breastfeeding, homeschooling mother. 3 0 0
Exultet Roz and Therese Z. are two enthused, faithful Catholic women who discuss questions of faith and life and have fun into the bargain. 0 1 0 Conservatism, Catholicism and Culture. Add Wit. Shake Well. Serve. 0 3 0
Ad Limina Apostolorum Musings by a doctoral student, patristics scholar, and inveterate Augustinian 5 2 0
St. Blog's Parish Hall St Blog's Parish Hall offers Catholic hospitality through authentic Catholic discussion which strives to be both faithful to the teachings of the Church and charitable to all people. The backbone of the Parish Hall is the Catholic bloggers who have years of experience in Catholic writing and apologetics. Everyone, including cradle Catholics, converts and non-Catholics, is welcome to visit the Parish Hall. A variety of topics, including answers to Catholic questions, will be discussed. 0 3 0
Our Homeschool The daily workings of our home, our family, and our homeschool. 8 0 0
The Rock This is a site the journals journey into the Catholic Church and the doctrines of the Church. 4 4 0
benedictus qui venit Bilingual ramblings on Catholicism, the priesthood, society and French-Canadian poutine--- not necessarily in that order. 2 1 0
Church of the Masses Reflections and updates on the entertainment industry from a Catholic perspective 0 0 0
Brother Nothing The musings of a Secular Franciscan striving for a simple life. 3 0 0
the fonolog German Weblog about Policy, Faith, Internet and the whole other things. 0 0 0
Whispers in the Wasteland A Solitary Perspective 4 3 0
Retos Tagebuch This is a German language Catholic blog from Switzerland covering: "Leben und Glauben, News aus Schweiz und Welt, Internetfunde" 6 0 0
Oblique House Observations of an opinionated Catholic home-schooling mother... 2 0 0
Flying Stars a catholic homeschooling mom, a writer who wants to share her faith and learn from others 3 1 0
My Domestic Church My blog on ou life in the domestic church. 1 0 0
Adjutorium nostrum + in nomine Domini One Holy Catholic, and Apostolic . . .{;}"O taste and see that the LORD is good! Happy is the man who takes refuge in him!" (Ps34:8 RSV) 2 0 0
Being! Or Nothingness "When I encountered Christ, I discovered that I was a man" My blog's main purpose is to educate my youth about the culture and society. My education in the Lay Movement, Communion and Liberation, provides me with the primary way in which I look at society and culture. 7 2 0
Catholic and Loving it! This is my blog, about my life, as a Catholic Physics student at Exeter University in England. 5 1 0
Just Believe discernment and such 4 1 0
The Pelianito Jouranl God speaks to us on every page of Scripture. The Pelianito Journal is a collection of Scriptural reflections from the prayer journal of a Roman Catholic Christian, loyal to the teachings of the church and to Scripture, struggling to discern and follow the will of God in her life. 0 1 0
St. Joseph's Vanguard Thoughts from a single Catholic man who converted from atheism and loves St. Joseph. 1 1 0
Miserere Mei Miserere Mei is a blog run by a student at the University of Notre Dame studying philosophy, theology, and music. 8 2 0
The Franklin Family This is the blog of a fledgeling young family from Cincinnati. We are catholic in nature and in character, and hopefully we can share our experiences with you. 5 0 0
Christus Medicus, miserere nobis I hope here to focus on being a pro-life medical student in a secular culture. Also expect to read about my experiences as a convert from Hinduism (and a former Atheist), theological and spiritual reflections (apt to the liturgical season, of course), movie reviews, politics, current events, music, and odds and ends. (Yes, I watch Jeopardy!) 6 1 0
Christus Vincit Includes articles of interest, music lists at the parish where I am music director, and promotions of music I've written. 1 1 0
Confessions of a Hot Carmel Sundae Collection of musings, opinions, and discussions on various subjects, including news events, parenting, faith, etc. Written by a secular Carmelite homemaker with an oversized soapbox. 6 0 0
Guard Me With Your Glory Blog from Ireland. 0 1 0
Come On, Get Lively Kathryn Lively, mystery writer, keeper of the Ring. Read her blog, buy her books. 0 0 0
Passionate Uncertainty Items of interest by a young man discerning. 2 0 0
All About Dave David Good is a Catholic living in Florida and uses this site to write about his thoughts, day to day life, or whatever strikes him. The youngest of eight, David has the bone disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and also has Epilepsy. 1 0 0
sotto sotto I\'m a Catholic. I\'m a Christian. I stay at home with two children. In real life I can\'t always say what I think....therefore, I blog. 5 0 0
The Journey A journal of reflections on Sacred Scripture from the daily Liturgy of the Word. These reflections are not copies or paste-ups from other sources, but are original compositions by team members inspired by the Holy Spirit. 0 1 0